Citrine - "The Stone of Friendship"


Citrine stands for sincerity and perseverance, which means beauty and intelligence, symbolizing richness and vitality.

Citrine is known as crystal yellow gemstone in the gem world. The color ranges from light yellow to yellow orange to golden. Gem-quality citrine is extremely rare, with orange as the top. Because the brightness and chroma are excellent, as long as it is transparent and smooth, it is called top grade. Since natural citrine is extremely rare, the price is relatively expensive.

The citrine is mainly fortune, with strong energy, and can emit yellow cosmic energy, commonly known as the "stone of wealth."

The main function of citrine is to gather wealth, and the main favor. A few citrines in the entrepreneur's mall office or at home can gather wealth.

Because the citrine is the main one, it is an inaccessible weapon for the stock family, especially the sphere, which has a more cohesive effect.

Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and joy. It can make us full of self-confidence, and it has the effect of reducing fear and eliminating guilt, so it has a good calming effect and a smooth effect.

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