Join Han Lier underwear is a scam?

Recently, some want to join the underwear shop to do Han Lier underwear brand friend asked Xiaobian, Han Lier underwear brand exists? Reliable? Hanli Er underwear is a bag company? Han Lier bra really have a patent certificate? Han Lyle underwear is not a joke? A series of friends for a confusion, Xiaobian talk to you in detail about the brand under the Han Lier underwear story.

Guangzhou Pictorial underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is Seoul Seoul Group set up a special brand in the country operating subsidiaries. The Han Lier underwear brand is the company's exclusive brand, Han Lyle is a painting underwear under the R & D, manufacturing and marketing as one of the underwear brand products include bras, underwear, home wear, thermal underwear, harness Vests and Hosiery.

Han Lier underwear after 10 years of development, underwear has become an affiliate, underwear brand in an important part of the underwear brand rankings, franchise rankings have a good share of these relevant information we can access through the Internet, Do not have to worry about Han Lier underwear brand is non-existent.


Since it is said that Han Lier underwear is a manufacturing, product development and marketing as one of the underwear brand, then it certainly has its own factory bar. Following the footsteps of Xiaobian let us walk into the factory of Han Lier underwear. Han Lier underwear factory initially entered the underwear industry, as a number of first-line lingerie brands in Europe and the United States OEM / ODM suppliers in China, the factory not only has the traditional basic production equipment, but also the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, the establishment of Extremely sound quality management system, how the plant has become the largest and most professional in southern China underwear manufacturers.


Then talk to you about Chan Lyle breast-proof bra, Han Lier underwear company's bra really so amazing? In recent years, breast cancer has become one of the major killer of women's health, in order to protect the female breast, the company under the leadership of the development of a company that can fully protect the breasts, physical prevention of breast disease, a new generation of 5G concept of health bra ( Domestic Patent No .: ZL 2010 2 0188853.X International Patent No .: U S12 / 890.720). This bra will be "green, breast health, fashion trends," and other topics and elements deeply into the underwear culture, breast, breathable, comfortable and healthy, can effectively improve breast space, balance breast surface force, and promote breast Circulation of blood circulation, long-term wear this bra has a good effect of preventing breast cancer.

Join Han Lier underwear is a scam? I believe the eyes of the masses is sharp, if you want to join the brand of Han Lier underwear there are doubts in this regard, may wish to visit the company in Guangzhou Han Lier underwear about it. Hearsay is not as good as seeing, smart you think so!


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