Men return to work on the first day how to wear a new career men

Blink of an eye, the Spring Festival Year of the Horse has gone away from us it! Into the new year, men have to wear a new back to the workplace, wear a new year and new atmosphere. However, this season of warmer and weaker, it seems also need to re-move heavy coat from the closet, this season, coat coat is still the subject. Sachi International 2013 autumn and winter series woolen coat must be essential. Emphasize the waist of a man while retaining the most traditional tailoring, more natural and more relaxed, velvet collar adds a touch of luxury feeling. This classic coat not only keep you warm in the winter but also give you a full gas field! Sachi International 2013 autumn and winter series of 30-year-old men, the cause has been a small achievement, travel to the north, entertainment is inevitable. A mature and mature equipment is essential. Double-breasted workmanship in the long section of double-breasted trench coat, take a self-cultivation suit, wild jeans and sunglasses but also to reduce the sense of seriousness of the whole body shape.

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