Floor performance comparison allows you to choose the floor material no longer headache

Nowadays, when many people decorate, it is a headache for choosing solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring or bamboo flooring. In fact, it is very simple. Choosing the flooring is not as difficult as everyone imagined. You will know after reading this article.

Floor performance comparison allows you to choose the floor material no longer headache

The first is the personal style of the design style, whether there are personal needs. Generally speaking, a little older, like solid wood flooring, the cost, how to drop, but also have to save the purchase of solid wood flooring. If you have an old man, you still have to satisfy this desire. After all, what is life like? What is the truth of parenting? The virtue of the Chinese must still be maintained second, there is a solid wood plot, but the cost budget is indeed a problem. Then consider the parquet. There is a solid wood appearance, although the foot feel can not be compared with the solid wood floor, but the difference in cost, this is still acceptable. After all, shopping price/performance ratio must still be considered. From the price and installation of solid wood and parquet, the cost difference is also very large. The installation of solid wood flooring and keel and other accessories, plus 40 yuan, that is, not the difference in the price of the floor, the unit price of the installation above has a price difference of about forty. If fifty square feet, then this installation fee of 2,000 yuan has already come out.

Third, there is no material requirement, no consideration for the elderly, the style needs modern and bright, then you can use laminate flooring. Strengthening the floor is like a printer. What kind of style is needed. As long as the manufacturer thinks that this style will be bought, then it will be produced. Therefore, the room for selecting the laminate flooring in the color of the color is very large. What you need to rely on is brand, environmental protection and quality. After all, artificial things, there are still a lot of tricks to play, just see how to play. Although it is not as good as food safety, it can be done as a tool for chronic suicide.

Fourth, in fact, bamboo flooring has been out for many years, but it is only low in some areas. And many people have an inertial thinking, that is, bamboo is prone to insects, bamboo is easy to deform, bamboo is easy to crack, and bamboo feels cold. In fact, these problems are not problems. It is not a problem to solve problems. It is a problem in the face of problems. The bamboo is degreased at high temperature, and the insects do not like to eat. The bamboo flooring process structure can control deformation. The use of bamboo flooring technology can avoid cracking, and the bamboo floor feels cold is a problem. Although bamboo flooring is faster in thermal conductivity than bamboo flooring, it has not yet been paved with bamboo flooring, and the temperature is lower in winter. If this is the case, then the air conditioner will not have to be bought.

Most of the floor types are commonly used, but there may be more in these four types, but the basics are like this, some are gimmicks, some are really improved, some are purely fooling.

In other cases, it is the cork flooring, pvc floor, but the type of specific needs.

I talked about the initial idea of ​​floor purchase, so let's talk about some situations after the installation of various materials. Some special cases can not use some materials or require some special requirements, this can also be understood.

The thickness of the reinforced floor is generally 8 mm and 12 mm. It is only necessary to put a layer of moisture-proof pad under the construction. In addition to some unevenness that may exist on the ground, after the completion of the laying, 8 mm becomes 1 cm, and 12 mm becomes 14 mm, so that it can be calculated.

Parquet flooring is generally 12 mm and 15 mm thick. As mentioned earlier, the height after laying is basically 14 and 17 mm.

Because the solid wood floor is related to the size of the keel, after the laying is completed, if the keel is 3*4, then the thickness of the floor is basically 5 cm. The same is true for bamboo flooring.

These dimensions are different for the floor material in the room and the living room. After the construction, the height difference is first understood. Then, according to the error level, how to adjust the height difference or change the material. Some older families or small children will pay more attention to this aspect.

Including the height of the baseboard when purchasing the floor, it is best to have a bottom in mind. The height of the general baseboard is about 75 mm. Depending on the type you choose, it will be different.

There is also one, that is, what kind of floor is used in the living room to make a lot of people entangled, in fact, there is nothing tangled, now the room type, the dining room living room is one, two kinds of ground materials, then we must consider how to use the top or side, designed into The two styles reflect the overall style of the different floor materials. In this case, if there is no room space getting smaller and the room light is affected, the problem is not big. If it is affected, it is better to use a material. So what kind of material is it? Tile or floor? Personally recommend the tile, which is relatively good in terms of use and space. However, if it is a Chinese-style garden, it is still the floor. So design style and spatial design, plus personal preferences are important considerations.

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