Gradient color looks good? Gradient blue summer collocation

With the prevalence of Harajuku wind, the trend of Japan's popular wind also began to dress design. Gradient clothing also became popular this summer. Do you have gradient clothing? If you can not give it a try Gradient colors make you different from the gradient jacket to the summer single product. Her song woman in the new 2014 summer, you recommend a gradient color dress, feel together.

Today, the main push gradient blue, like the mutual compatibility of the sky and clouds, irrespective of each other to show innocent fantasy.

Her song - TAZHIQU women's clothing

This gradient blue dress, made of clear and elegant chiffon fabric, loose silhouette for different body shape women wearing Oh, thin effect can not be underestimated. Elastic waist design The connection layering clear broad skirt, so that the original dress style with a two-piece with effect, avant-garde yet elegant.

渐变色的衣服好看吗 渐变蓝色夏装搭配

Her song - TAZHIQU women's clothing

When you get used to the dress, and occasionally can be casual dress to change the taste, this black and white striped thin T shirt with light-colored shorts, suitable for outing leisure activities. The gradient blue sleeveless shawl, light through the fabric of the manufacture of hazy perspective effect, knotted style highlights the charming style.

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