Sapphire skirt bow design was thin paragraph lace trim blue suit

In recent years the rise of Bao Blue also began to maintain its own fashion in the stable. Po blue not only represents the noble, but also highlights the maturity of people, won the urban workplace women's favorite. 1727 Women is also based on people's needs for fashion and the production of a number of batch products, each one is a masterpiece master of craftsmen.


This navy blue dress introduced the European fashion, it will be very slim to wear. Beautiful colors, set off the woman noble and gorgeous. The back of the bow decoration, it is lit the whole, won the people like it. Clover figure outlined Alice, very sexy and charming. With a pair of high heels, elegant graceful.

宝蓝色裙子蝴蝶结设计显瘦款 蕾丝镶边宝蓝色套装

This sapphire blue two-piece minimalist style, but everywhere revealed a range of fashion children. Sleeve design, white lace cuffs embellishment, and lace hem echoed each other, very delicate and soft. With the same color small shorts, a look to know is a delicate intellectual woman. Sapphire, set off the woman so gorgeous.

Picture from: 1727 women's clothing

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