Light blue wave point dress look light blue pants with white t-shirt

Light blue clothing will always give fresh water out of hibiscus fresh graceful. Skin color by age, it is consistent with this summer. In the election of the color at the same time, but also choose the right style. According to oriental women's body shape, Cosmo women have integrated elements of the trend and brought a batch of exquisite and fashionable items to women.

珂珀 - coopool

Polka Dot Dress will always be seen in the lady Fancy playful grace children. White doll collar embellishment, cute sweet, and sleeves echoed each other. Slim version of the shape of the woman's figure highlights the exceptionally charming. White belt is also very harmonious.

浅蓝色波点连衣裙look 浅蓝色九分裤搭配白色t恤衫

This light-blue quarter pants Slim style, elongated leg lines. Fungus wreath live in the waist sweet and lovable. Bright yellow belt is also very harmonious. White t-shirt comfortable fabric, simple style but also lovable. Two together, very beautiful.

浅蓝色波点连衣裙look 浅蓝色九分裤搭配白色t恤衫

This water blue wave point skirt and black lace stitching together, more elegant copy. One-fifth speaker sleeve design, glamorous. Wear a golden skirt, will be more stylish Oh. With a pair of black high heels, sophisticated intellectual.

Picture taken from: Comber Women

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