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99% Pure Natural: KHAKI woolen coat is made of high-quality natural wool such as cashmere, wool and rabbit fur. All raw materials are from authorized fabric. 99% natural, more environmentally friendly and light. Fashion more expressive, so that designers can have more room to play. 5 seized goods: KHAKI high quality requirements of the near-stringent requirements, from the production to the factory a total of 5 links seized. Each link in the production has a real-name record, the pipeline will be self-test every link, at the same time, KHAKI factory also has a professional inspection team to conduct rigorous testing of each detail, but in the wool garment factory before, will be unified Third party testing to ensure that every piece of woolen clothing of high quality. 37 ℃ warm: As KHAKI woolen fabric is mainly high-quality natural wool, fiber is free of grease, tasteless, fluffy, and wear resistance is very good, strong and flexible; fiber center is composed of air-filled cells that balloon, weight Very light, with excellent thermal and thermal properties. KHAKI woolen coat, though lighter in weight, is able to bring a warm sensation of 37 degrees Celsius to the babies in the cold winter. KHAKI wool coat behind the numbers far more than that, the three fine tailoring, four hand-stitched, five hand-stick lining ... ... to hundreds of sales terminals, these figures are KHAKI strict pursuit of quality, please Visit tasting!

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