What is lucky to not make a fortune! If you buy it, you won’t wear it!

It is a fierce beast of legend. It has no mouth and no anus, so it can swallow all things without venting, but can't enter, so there is the meaning of recruiting treasures and absorbing the wealth of the Quartet. Up to now, up to the emperor, down to the people are extremely focused on collecting and wearing 貔貅, people are convinced of its auspicious meaning. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the 貔貅, from material selection to wear and maintenance are all exquisite!

Not all cockroaches can be worn on the body! The materials of the enamel are different, and the figure in the home and the jewelry worn are indispensable. In general, metal, wood, carbon carving, topaz and other materials can be used as feng shui in the home or office. Black stone, jade, crystal and other more powerful gemstones are more suitable for wearing.


貔貅 wear five notes, good luck to burst!

1. The 貔貅 you bought must be opened.

The spirituality of the cockroach is very strong, and it is the spiritual thing that has to be rich after it is opened. And after the opening of the light, you have to recognize the owner, especially the emerald 貔貅, after the opening of the light will be very loyal to the owner, the outsiders will not get the loyalty of the 。.

2, 貔貅 wear pay attention to "left into the right out"

The 貔貅 bracelet is worn by the left and right hands, but the folk custom usually thinks that the left hand enters the fortune and the right hand makes money, so if it is more stressful, it is better to wear the left hand.

3. When wearing, scratch your head

The trick is to return the wealth outside to your own owner, so you must pay attention to the fact that the hoe can not be directed at yourself, but should be facing the outside, in order to play the role of the rich.

4, develop the habit of cleaning cockroaches

After buying a bracelet, you should develop a habit of cleaning frequently to prevent skin infections. In addition, you can play with more and more things, so that it will not only make you more shiny, but also make it more loyal to you.

5, Chang Daiyu enters the land of Wangcai

貔貅 It is a spiritual thing to be lucky. If you often wear it into the land of wealth, there may be unexpected surprise effects.

In addition to this particular lucky beast, there are many gems that have the effect of making money. No matter which kind of lucky gems you choose, you must know how to wear them.


Citrine is a absorbing crystal that absorbs some positive energy and yellow symbolizes wealth, so wearing citrine also has the ability to make money. When wearing a citrine bracelet, you should also use the principle of “Left and Right Exit” in order to absorb positive energy.

Green ghost

Green Ghost is also a popular lucky gems. When wearing green ghosts, be careful to avoid contact with chemicals and take a bath.


Wearing a tourmaline fortune and lucky, many women will be more prosperous after wearing, and the financial resources are rolling. When wearing tourmaline, do not contaminate soap bubbles or alkaline or acidic substances. This will cause certain damage to the tourmaline, causing the magnetic field to be disordered and the energy to become impure.

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