There are countless bacteria in old underwear cleaning to avoid the five minefields


In everyday life, we often say that women's underwear generally refers to bras and underwear, and they are the ultimate weapon to protect the breasts and private parts. If the underwear is not doing cleaning work, then easily become the source of gynecological diseases, for women is quite dangerous!

Underwear washing the most common five minefields

Minefield 1: wash clothes with a washing machine

Many people may think that the washing machine is your good helper, take a look at the following data: "According to the survey, 60.2% of the molds detected in the washing machine tank, of which nearly 80% of infants skin problems related to improper handling of clothing ". The washing machine is an entrance between bacteria and our body. Underwear, as an umbrella for breasts and private parts, is more dirty if it is washed in such a "highly polluted" environment! There is no suspense, with a washing machine washing underwear has become the largest family underwear minefields.

Some friends may say that adding a laundry bag is enough. This statement is also wrong, the role of the laundry bag is to protect the clothing is not wound, not subject to wear and tear, deformation, etc., but it does not protect the underwear from "pollution."

Minefield two: underwear "less into more" and then wash

Usually busy at night, do not want to move after the shower at night, washing machine washing underwear is not good, so the underwear "accumulate as much" until the accumulation of a certain amount of time, a basin of water on the weekend to wash! This is another big minefield!

You know that "quantitative change to promote qualitative change," this argument? Whether it is bra or underpants, soiled should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the stain penetrates into the fibrous tissue, the harder it will be to wash and the bra should be thoroughly cleaned over time even if no stains appear on the surface. Especially underwear, whether you are naked or not, there will be some secretions on underwear, if not cleaned in time, how to clean the bacteria breeding wash are not clean.

Minefield three: wash underwear with detergent

Now people seem to be more and more lazy, even wash underwear will use a special small washing machine, washing powder or laundry detergent to wash personal clothing. But do you know? Washing powder soluble in water is more alkaline (PH high), the dissolution process of exothermic, degreasing injury and mild liquid laundry detergent is not injured, dissolving fast, long time to make the fabric stiff; dissolve slowly. General detergent This synthetic lotion, although the washing power, but the lack of flushing force. Therefore, the lotion easily remains on the clothes after washing.

Mine four: underwear after disinfection with disinfectant

Love too clean people, often decided that the simple washing of underwear is not clean enough. Want under the "fierce" material, after underwear but also with disinfectant to disinfect. Do not be smart! Disinfectant is able to kill bacteria, viruses, because it is the main component of hypochlorite and strong oxidants. These ingredients on the skin damage can not be ignored, with a strong irritant and corrosive, and difficult to clean with one or two pots of water. 】 If you do not clean, sweat after the skin pores into the body, light can cause itching, peeling, heavy will cause dizziness and nausea and discomfort. Underwear is due to care of the breast and genitals, the skin is relatively weak, more susceptible to pruritus caused by illness. Minefield five: underwear detergent whitening on behalf of clean

In many cases, we will find that, after washing underwear, underwear becomes more white. I thought, this detergent is very effective! In actual fact, a lot of detergent products added fluorescent brightener, so that the clothes look bright and clean after cleaning, looks very white. Whitening agent is a kind of absorption of ultraviolet fluorescence fluorescent chemical whitening dye, it enters the body, unlike ordinary chemical components that are easy to be decomposed, but with the rapid integration of proteins in the body, it is difficult to excreted, so Undoubtedly increased the burden on the liver, and fluorescent agents on the human skin can easily produce stimulation. Some people think that after the clothing whitening not only bright, but also clean and sterile, this is entirely a misunderstanding.

How to wash the most healthy underwear?

1, underwear and coat to wash separately

Through the clothing will have a variety of bacteria, let alone underwear. There are innumerable bacteria exposed to the coat of dust, including some powerful pathogens. And underwear there will be off from the skin surface and from the gut, urinary tract emissions of various bacteria. According to statistics, there are 10 to 100 microorganisms per square centimeter of area. Even if detergent is used, only 80% of bacteria can be removed, and bacteria that leak through the net can also cause cross-infection. Therefore, when soaking and washing clothes, be sure to wash underwear and coat separately.

2, the most healthy hand wash, the safest soap

Washing machine is dirt "base", while the underwear is generally relatively small, in order to increase the friction density, it is recommended with your thumb and index finger pinch, fine rub, so hand wash washes clean and thorough. If you are really lazy do not want to hand wash, then the compromise is to buy a special small washing machine, machine wash body clothing, so to minimize the spread of germs. What to wash it for? Wash clothes? Laundry liquid? disinfectant? wrong! Soap is your most sensible choice, the bactericidal effect of soap is good, and does not hurt the skin; and if you are using a small washing machine can be considered with soap, physical, natural, low stimulation, while it also retains a good soap Deterioration It is recommended to buy supermarket soap inside the special washing underwear, more gentle and more healthy.

3, underwear washing temperature 30 ℃ -40 ℃ best

Experts said the correct method of washing underwear is neutral detergent first neutral detergent or underwear for a fully neutral detergent dissolved in warm water at 30 ℃ -40 ℃, to be completely dissolved before they can be placed in clothing, lotion not Directly attached to the underwear, or the color will be uneven. For some lace, silk embroidery underwear, it is recommended to wash with cold water, to avoid deformation of underwear.

4, silk clothing washing method

Silk clothing although soft and shiny, but easy to fold, shrink and damaged by sunlight, it is appropriate neutral detergent, and hand wash, and then use a towel to dry the water, flat air dried.

5, zipper part must be pulled

Full body zipper with zipper, and cleaning must first pull the zipper, the activities of the shoulder strap type bust (that can be used without a strap bust) the best first shoulder strap removed, separate cleaning.

Hand wash, such as excessive force, but also easy to make the clothes deformed, it is best to use the "pressure wash method" and "scrub method" washing.

6, in case of soft ring deformation situation

Carefully hand-rub back to the original shape, do not force too hard to force it back to its original state, the point is to make it slowly restore the original shape.

7, into the laundry net half of the clothing is limited

Since most underwear are made of softer and more delicate materials, they should be washed in the laundry net as directed by the label, but care must be taken that the clothes put into the net are limited to half the size of the laundry net.

8, machine wash (dry clothes) 30 seconds

Clothing on the original laundry net drying (dehydration) and then dry towel wrapped, squeezed by hand so that the water is absorbed by the towel. As with both hands directly out of the water, easily crumpled and damaged clothing materials.

9, dry in a cool and ventilated place

Sun prone to deterioration and fading clothing, so underwear can only be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Wet bra to cups and cups in the middle of the point of hanging up, avoid hanging on the shoulder strap because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.

10, away from insect repellent

Must be sure to store underwear has been fully dried, but also in the closet put some desiccant sucked moisture. Underwear must be kept away from insect repellent when stored, because insecticide is a nemesis of silk, elastic clothing material, once in contact, it will become brittle relaxation, loss of elasticity.

All in all, wash underwear is the door University asked. Children, adults should be separated from the clothes to wash; healthy, the patient's clothes to separate washing; underwear, coat separately washed; not dirty clothes, dirty clothes washed separately; bras, underwear, socks is best alone to wash hands; Laundry do not put too much detergent, to rinse several times, especially underwear should be more so; dry clothes to get back to fully dry, and other chemical agents completely volatile after wear.

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