Khabarovsk Women's Fashion remodeling elegance and classics in 2012

" Karana " women reshape elegance and classics, the traditional aesthetic return once again, the retro elegance has now become a valuable asset, the beauty of the past is a fulcrum, so that our heart to find a balance again, with a kind of quiet and peaceful qualifications The possibilities for the future "Karana" women not only fully demonstrate the elegance of women and charm, but also to retain the pace of time, the traces of years of peace, people youth stationed.

卡芭娜 卡芭娜时尚女装  2012年重塑优雅与经典

卡芭娜时尚女装  2012年重塑优雅与经典 卡芭娜时尚女装  2012年重塑优雅与经典

"Kaba Bana" Ladies Women are beautiful, elegant and wise, full of unique charm and fashion vitality, advocating both spiritual and material life wisdom. They are confident, optimistic, brave to challenge themselves and work hard for their dream career. Karbana women must be suitable intellectual, taste, fashion, health you!

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