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OTC Tom ONCLETOM is a famous fashion brand from France. In 2008 the annual sales of girls in France 3 billion euros children wear 500 million euros. Every March ONCLETOM will be exhibiting at the World Children's Wear Expo in France. From 2006 to enter the Chinese market has been loved by all sectors of the community. Wong Kam Industrial Company in 2009 through the company's internal integration and the support of French companies, will work to enhance the brand's position in the Chinese end market. So that ONCLETOM into the tens of thousands of households in China, China's children become a favorite high-end children's clothing brand. Shanghai Wong Kam Industrial Co., Ltd. is willing to contribute to the friendship between China and France, to contribute to the success of China's children's clothing industry brilliant.

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We will check the goods when we send them. If you find some problems, please contact us in time and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
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