London Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood explores ethnic tribes in Africa

British well-known fashion designer Vivienne Westwood on the 19th afternoon in London released the 2012 autumn and winter fashion new work, in the traditional British Plaid scarf and suit style, based on the integration of a large number of unique tribes of African tribal totem elements, together with the light and shade Color, complex cut and different texture of the bold mix of materials, people have lamented the "mother of punk," the old knife. Westwood in this season's autumn and winter fashion continuation of its usual British blood, launched a variety of Scottish plaid and striped suit suit, trousers and skirts, gray tone suit suit mix of design elements for many people Dazzling new work in autumn and winter played a good role in neutralization. The use of dark gray and light gray reveals the heavy texture of autumn and winter fashion, but also makes all kinds of jumping colors not dazzle. The biggest highlight of this fashion show is the extensive use of African tribal ethnic totem, through the printing and dyeing and jacquard weaving, etc. in the coat, scarves, cloak jacket, silk shirt, dress showing a wonderful visual effects, and models painted on the bare skin Mysterious African tribal symbols make the overall shape more complete, refreshing, very amazing. At the end of the fashion show, Westwood led all the models appearance, she personally dressed in a white T-shirt with green slogans, loose striped high waist trousers, brown thick sandals, holding a bouquet of roses to the audience take a bow. Westwood, who was over 70 years old, has won the title of British annual fashion designer three times, and was awarded the title of female jazz by the Queen of England.

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