Small woman 2012 new underwear grand release

Small woman 2012 international lingerie fashion and trends conference in Guangzhou Culture Holiday Hotel Sapphire Museum of Modern Art opened, from all over the country's little lady underwear agents, guests from all walks of life as well as Guangdong Satellite TV, international underwear network, China Beauty Network more than 20 Media more than 200 people attended the conference. Xu Tingyuan, chairman of the small women's underwear group attended the meeting.


Little lady underwear

Small women's enterprises have been committed to improving product quality and improve service standards to meet the consumer trend of the pursuit. Conference, a two-hour show in the new clothes in the interpretation of Chinese and foreign models, show the cultural collaterals and trends Little Women underwear while Little Women 2012 spring and summer underwear "fashion, sexy, environmental protection, Considerate "features show to the audience every audience.

Guangzhou Little Women underwear limited company is Taiwan's Little Women underwear Enterprise Group in mainland China set up a wholly owned subsidiary. Small women's enterprises will be headquartered in Taipei, Guangzhou, Guangzhou and set up a small woman underwear Co., Ltd., and the production line at the same time set up in both places to better serve the Chinese mainland market. At present, the Group's product line includes bras, underwear, corsets, bathing suits , rhythm suits, sleepwear , hosiery, maternity clothes, homewear , breastfeeding undergarments and more.

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