Summer Baby Betty Kids teach you how to wear enough "cool"

Summer, careful mother how to care for the delicate skin of children, the selection of clothes for children, how to choose? In this regard, as the well-known children's clothing Betty Lamb final say, in order to solve the moms and daughters summer Children's clothing troubles, so that children can not only spend the cool summer, but also to enjoy the health and comfort and fashion dressing experience, Betty Lamb senior apparel specialists specifically for Mom and Dad made the following summer children's clothing buying precautions. Fabrics to "soft" the word: the choice of soft cotton or cotton flannel made clothes, will not rub children's skin, especially the skin is more sensitive to children, more can not be ignored, which mother can tolerate children flawless skin Because apparel fiber is too strong, horrible rashes or scratches appear. In addition, the cotton fabric with absorbent, breathable, good elasticity, etc., is very suitable for active children, but should pay attention to timely replacement of children sweat sweat clothes, so as not to have a child cold. Style to "Jane" is appropriate: summer children's clothing to the collar, round neck, small lapel is appropriate, the best cardigan, before and after the side Jieke, buttons should not be more convenient for children to wear off. Children's clothing is now more and more adult, and even worse than the use of a large number of decorative elements for the children to resort to a mixed practice, but invisible, affecting the normal activities of children. Many mothers like to give children wear tights, as everyone knows, this pants if it is too short, it will hinder the activities of children's lower extremities, is not conducive to child development. For children's physical and mental health, please choose simple, generous children's clothing. Size to "loose" grams "tight": children grow faster, clothes should not be small, too small clothes, children wearing uncomfortable, will be unhappy, and even affect their growth and development. Elasticated clothes, loose fit will not oppress the child's chest and waist. Waist-style dress, on the one hand can cover up the child tummy, waist-free shape, and loose, cool, very suitable for girls wearing. Shorts and waistlines for boys and girls should not be too narrow because boys are more active, too tight clothing can limit their activities and make them more likely to sweat. Color from "light" to "color": infant clothing, light color is appropriate, light-colored clothing is generally not easy to fade, the child's skin will not cause pigment damage. Preschoolers already have the feeling and perception of color, colorful and beautiful clothes, tend to be more popular. In the children's clothes embellishment funny animal pattern or beautiful decorative patterns, can cause children's interest in wearing, but also bring them unlimited happiness. Paired with comfort-based: mothers always hung to add new clothes for children, the children grow too fast, the new clothes to wear can not wear several times, and small, seeing the child's clothes more and more heap, but still Not wearing, how to do it. To mothers a suggestion to buy clothes for children, do not buy too much at once, choose the style of similar clothes, exchange with the match, you can wear a different beauty Oh. Of course, only good clothes fabric, children wearing comfortable, mothers will find value for money. Betty lamb in the process of growing up with children, parents will learn a lot of things, only continuous learning, accumulation, and Betty Lamb together to give more care for their children.

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