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Summer warming, fashion does not increase, ochirly women held surprise promotions, where in the June 20, 2013 -7 17 during the visit ochirly stores across the country to enjoy the selected goods surprise discount! Summer approaching, a variety of perceptual skirts, the same color suit and other fashion items easily create elegant style. Like ochirly friends may wish to shop to buy it!


Chinese painting floral patterns for the printing trend brings new ideas and fun. Emerald, Sapphire and other colors with a classical flavor of the beautiful colorful flower petal pattern, in the fashion modeling to show the exquisite painting artistic conception.


The art of decorative has been more varied this season, the unique design of the rotator cuffs and the front of the body, whether it is wave-shaped decoration, or shawl design, can perfectly show the ochirly girl moving from shoulder to waist curve.


Sunny high temperature, with a chiffon or breathable fabric pants cool summer is definitely the best choice. The pants folded up to 3 inches above the ankle position, is the popular fashion wear this season, with a pastel color coat so elegant and refreshing expelling the summer heat waves.


Vanilla, the smell of the word can smell its aroma. Select the verdigris, ice blue, pearl white as the keynote, clean and fresh colors to bar and graphics splicing, as if feeling the breeze vanilla smell, enjoy the cool and comfortable summer.

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