Love the city fashion women's summer new products with brilliant color rendering art fashion

A piece of white paper is only a piece of white paper, but when a pattern is placed on the piece of white paper, the white paper becomes a picture and the picture is put on a grand picture frame, and the picture becomes A piece of art, the interpretation of art have different profiles, but they all belong to the category of art, the same fashion, and loading this stylish frame is the designer's heart. Love City Fashion Women In the summer of 2013, with beautiful color rendering art fashion, with seemingly careless decoration, make you feel different temperament.

爱城市时尚女装夏季新品  用绚丽色彩渲染艺术时尚

Nude pink bring you noble and delicate, sexy and charming, so that your radiant in the hot sun, elegant and elegant ladies like to send away the heat waves to meet the melodious late summer. All kinds of pink turn red sand, in black background, but also more mysterious?

爱城市时尚女装夏季新品  用绚丽色彩渲染艺术时尚

Blue Strait, Bingchu skin, all kinds of blue, from ancient gems, to the abyss of glaciers. Silk chiffon tulle, all kinds of transparent, all kinds of cool, to help you resist the sun, calm and comfortable fashion experience.

爱城市时尚女装夏季新品  用绚丽色彩渲染艺术时尚

Beach Club cool blue and green gradient attack, beach coconut, ebb and flow, breezy. Mint, water green, mixed with digital beach color printing, take you to the tropical beach.

Production Description:

  Custom Chenille Patches has patch designs for any activity or sport you can think of. From football to

cheerleading from baseball to drill team we have something for everyone. Any awards that you or your

team receives can be made into a patch for your letterman jacket.

Material: embroidered patch, Chenille Patches, woven patches

Size: custom size

Color: any pantone colors are workable

Border: merrow border, hand cut border or heat cut border

Back attachment: paper coating, iron on, double-sided adhesive tape, Velcro back or no backing are all available.

Packaging: As customer`s request

Chenille Patches

Some more designs only for reference!!!

Chenille PatchesChenille PatchesChenille PatchesChenille Patches

Chenille Patches

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