Ladies era to create innocent intellectual lady world

Ladies fashion brand women 's inspiration inspired by the trendy women's fashion brand in Asia cutting-edge fashion trends, to create innocent intellectual ladies world, the pursuit of meticulous quality of life, elegant attitude to life. For the new era of urban women to create a can not only feel the sweet love of first love as green, but also to highlight the workplace elegant and capable, to present you with a beautiful and colorful scenes.


Every detail of "Lady's Time" clothing and accessories are inadvertently revealed by the characteristics of rich changes and a strong sense of movement, highlighting the delicate taste of women, inspire more modern temperament, breath blowing handsome personality, giving women self-confidence assertive Soft The "Lady's Times" brand is designed with daring ideas and individuality to make urban women dominate their own world in today's increasingly competitive society.

淑女时代女装 缔造纯情知性的淑女天地

At the same time, "Lady Era" free emotional design, rich leisure, diverse, inclusive art elements, people imaginative, charming smile from the girl, Japan and South Korea trend of romantic feelings, the pursuit of stunning dreams, like flowers in the flower butterflies Unique beauty, has been extended to the dream of your princess obsessed with dreams ...

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