Silk curtain maintenance method

Maintenance methods for silk curtains:

Silk curtain maintenance method

1. The silk is easy to shrink. It needs to be rinsed before sewing. After the shrinking, the household items are sewed. The high-grade silk fabric is best cleaned completely. When you are in the water, pay attention to the fabrics with different shades of color, otherwise they will be colored.

2, the silk fiber is fine, easy to wrinkle, the stitches should not be too dense when sewing the curtains, the stitch length should be wide, otherwise the edges will wrinkle.

3, the silk is composed of protein fiber, very delicate, not paying attention will cause hair raising, hair flowering, washing should not be used forcefully, and can not be machine washed. When washing, the silk products should be immersed in water at 30 ° C for 5 to 10 minutes, gently rubbed with a special silk detergent, synthetic low foaming detergent or neutral soap, and then rinsed in clean water. High-grade silk fabrics are best dry cleaned.

4, when drying, should be anti-outward, not direct sunlight.

5, the fiber of silk can not withstand the friction, usually pay attention not to let the rough surface of furniture, articles rubbing its surface.

6. Do not spray deodorant, perfume, etc. on the surface of silk products; do not place them with mothballs during storage to avoid discoloration.

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