Yafa Disinfectant towel market has plenty of room

Yafa Disinfectant towel market has plenty of room

The home textile brand Yafei Disinfectant Towels has plenty of room for development. Industry experts interpret the list of sterilized towels to point out several major characteristics of the industry. Experts in the industry interpreted the disinfecting towel rankings to analyze the characteristics of the industry. The “2013 China Disinfecting Towel Ranking”, which was comprehensively selected by major online media, has been released for some time. In line with the principles of openness, fairness and fairness, Sichuan Yafa Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. has continued to be the champion of "China's top 10 brands of sterilized towels" and has become the champion of the year. So what do the characteristics of the industry's development are reflected in the towel disinfecting list? Where is the advantage of this industry development? To this end, professionals have interpreted.

Feature 1: The time of establishment is concentrated from the list of top ten companies in the towel disinfectant list. Its establishment time is mainly concentrated in 2010 and 2011. The expert stated: “This is closely related to the background of the development of the disinfectant towel industry. Although as early as 2007, the health department established the use of public towels to meet the “one customer, one use, one disinfection” standard. This goal cannot be achieved until 2010. The disinfection towel industry is formed." Disinfecting towels is a healthy green towel produced through strict disinfection and sterilization procedures and has a huge market demand. In this regard, the experts further explained that after the rise of the industry, many venture capitalists took the lead in seeing the blue sea market behind them, so the disinfection towel companies also mushroomed.

The establishment time is so concentrated that the competition between the disinfecting towel companies in the same period is quite fierce. The brand investment faced with external competitive pressures. Some companies continued to innovate under this drive and realized a leap-forward growth. Some companies are blindly optimistic and eventually eliminated. In this regard, experts believe that companies that have developed under such conditions are now entering a period of stable development and have their own strengths in various aspects. In particular, Sichuan Yafa, a company that has won championships for two consecutive years, currently has a high survival rate of 100% and has become a myth of franchise development.

Feature 2: The market space is sufficient Experts claim that market share is one of the important factors in selecting the ranking of disinfectant towel companies. From the reasons listed on this year's list of companies can be seen, there are still many companies still do not break through the limitations of the region, in the country's market share is low. For these companies, the main reason is that the company's propaganda is not enough, resulting in the lack of visibility of the company, the impact is not enough. This also reflects from the perspective of the future of the development of sterile towel market is still very adequate.

According to survey data, in 2010, the Chinese beauty salon industry continued to break through the 1.2 trillion yuan mark, and grew rapidly at a rate of 12%. There are more than 5 million beauty salons registered nationwide, and it has grown at a rate of 15%. Disinfecting towels, as long as they account for 30% of the market demand for beauty salons, hotels, and bathing centers, will require 25,000 health towel companies nationwide, with a market share of several hundred billion yuan each year. From the current analysis of the status of disinfecting towel companies, their development is far from the expected goal, there are still many blank markets for disinfecting towels.

At the same time, experts further pointed out that since the current product owners only occupy a small amount of market for disinfecting towels, it shows that the market for disinfecting towels and towels in the future is still very broad. The disinfecting towel project also has great potential and still belongs to one of the current trend industries.

Feature 3: With the help of the Internet In the Internet age, online marketing has become an important marketing method. This kind of marketing method is not limited by time and area. It has a wide spread and many ways of transmission. Therefore, it has also been favored by many disinfectant towel companies. From the development history of the companies listed this year, almost all companies are adopting online marketing methods to use the Internet to attack the market. In this regard, experts said: "In our daily lives, the Internet has become popular. The adoption of Internet marketing model is a major measure for the development of the times. Yafa towel industry is a new industry, in order to open the market in a short time First, we should use the Internet to carry out widespread dissemination. This spread covers a large area and can effectively help disinfect the towel companies to break through geographical restrictions and develop their own markets throughout the country and overseas."

Everything has two sides. For the unfavorable aspects of online marketing, experts further stated that in the fierce market competition, we can also find that a small number of companies have deviated from the fundamental purpose of network marketing and used unfair means to seriously hurt and defamation. Peer competitors. This vicious competition model is very undesirable. In this age when the customer is "king", improving the product quality and service quality of the company is the fundamental way for the development of the company. Enterprises should make reasonable use of the network to promote enterprises and jointly establish a good environment for the development of the disinfection towel industry.

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