Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing Yunnan, Sichuan, two shop opened the same period New Year's Day

In 2013, under the joint efforts of all staffs of Rainbow cat blue rabbit family, it has become a glorious history. The new 2014 came to us. In this new year's occasion, Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing store opened has never stopped! During the New Year's Day, located in Yunnan Dali Xiangyun Rongzhen life shopping plaza and Chengdu, Sichuan Qingbaijiang District, two new stores during the same grand opening! In this thick holiday atmosphere, both new stores have made a good start! Wish more than two new stores can continue to create new sales peak! Rainbow cat blue rabbit Sichuan Chengdu Qingbaijiang District store Rainbow cat blue rabbit Chengdu Qingbaijiang District new store It is understood that more than two new stores are located in the commercial downtown area. Thanks to the help of Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit team, the franchisees of both stores can smoothly complete the preliminary investigation of the market, the site selection and positioning of the stores, and open the new stores as scheduled. Recent grand opening of Yunnan Xiangyun Rongzhen shopping plaza, but also belong to the auspicious area commercial center, the geographical advantage can be imagined! Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit Yunnan Dali Xiang Yun Rong Zhen life shopping plaza store Rainbow cat blue rabbit Yunnan Dali Xiang Yun Rongzhen life shopping plaza store Guangzhou "Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit" Animation Technology Co., Ltd. and Dream Group embrace a common vision - to create " Chinese Disney ". The company has been established, has been adhering to a high starting point, high efficiency and agents, franchisees and business partners seek common development and positioning of the company, the company will create first-class corporate culture, first-class marketing team, first-class products to achieve market share The maximization of distribution, the grand goal of industrial development. Hand in hand Hongmang Cartoon Group to create the Chinese cartoon image of the leader, the Chinese cartoon to the world.

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