Health killer hidden in clothing

Health killer hidden in clothing

Clothing in the cutting, cutting, sewing, packaging, transportation, wholesale and many other links are exposed to the risk of pathogen contamination. Common harmful substances in clothing include:

1. Fluorescent whitening agents used in clothing whitening; these chemicals are irritating to the skin of the human body in order to stabilize the sizing treatment.

2. Azo dyes used in garment dyeing are dyes synthesized from 23 carcinogenic aromatic amines as intermediates. When it is in direct contact with human skin, its toxic components will be absorbed and diffused by the skin. Under special conditions, it will decompose to produce more than 20 carcinogenic aromatic amines. After activation, it will change the body's DNA structure, causing lesions and inducing cancer.

3. In the process of clothing storage, the insecticides, disinfectants, etc. put on the human body also have a stimulating effect on the human skin.

4. Garment dyes can also cause allergies. After dyeing, skin contact with the dye causes an unpleasant reaction.

5. In the process of dyeing, high levels of formaldehyde will be used, and the formaldehyde will be released with the human body temperature.

6. Dust or other substances.

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