Manuel slave Macaron color new products to create a ghost sense of age-old dress

Macaron can be said that one of the hottest color of the year, whether it is a star or T station, are filled with a sweet pink atmosphere! Manuel slave fashion women's brand , the same also lead the fashion trend this summer, the introduction of Macaron color new products, such as the general impression of creating Macaron, create their own ghost sense of age-old dress!


Delicate lace splicing soft gauze, cuffs designed to be well modified shoulder lines, so that your arm is more slender, hem layered gauze skirt brought the effect, so you are like a little princess in general sweet and lovely!

曼娅奴女装马卡龙色系新品  打造萌感减龄装扮

Pink orange less pink sweet, a little more fresh and nature! Lace three-dimensional hooked shirt with a wave of close-fitting pants, a pink orange dress simple and generous!

曼娅奴女装马卡龙色系新品  打造萌感减龄装扮

Delicate lace jersey blouse, fresh green hip skirt, double ripple skirt to make this simple little skirt full sense of the whole body with neat and generous!

曼娅奴女装马卡龙色系新品  打造萌感减龄装扮

Beautiful orange dress sprinkled with black and white wave points, streak design stitching gauze fabric, looming butterfly bone even more sexy and charming!

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