Tibet wearing jewelry culture

The form of expression of Tibetan jewelry. As well as the traditional production and lifestyle, it depends on the ideological concepts and social forms of the Tibetan people. Especially in the traditional nomadic life, it is necessary to transform the property accumulated by the whole family and even generations into jewellery, and to move around to find the rich land of water and grass, which is safe and convenient. Therefore, the Tibetan people are not only wearing decorative objects, but also a huge property, showing not only beauty, but also luxury and wealth.

Many modern people have long lived in the city and the most desirable is the freedom of the soul. Tibet. A place full of magical mystery and fascination, the western frontier of the motherland. It is your best place to go. Many people have been there and still want to go, many people have not been to have been yearning for and looking forward to. As a Tibetan aid cadre, today, I especially want to say to the compatriots in the Mainland, especially the female compatriots who love Tibetan ornaments. Come to Tibet and come here. The beautiful and tempting Tibetan ornaments here will definitely make you worthwhile.

Tibet. Here you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world, there is no dark sky here. This is the most beautiful paradise on earth. Under the blue sky and white clouds, there are colorful prayer flags, proud snow peaks, silent holy lakes, magical temples, devout residents, beautiful Gesang flowers, and the stunning beauty will surely make you dream. You must have an urge to wait. Coming to Tibet and going to this fresh and pure land, there are still many ties in the world. The only thing that can be imagined is these beautiful and tempting Tibetan ornaments. See that you can see the purity of your heart.

Tibetan ornaments. In the long history, thousands of years have been loved by its simplicity, ruggedness and mystery. Tibetans are a nation with a long history. Created a wealth of material wealth and spiritual wealth. After years of confrontation with the snow-capped mountains, grasslands and starry nights, the Tibetans produced their thoughts, so they used their own dexterous hands to polish the totems of his ancestors through the unique tri-color stone, agate, yak bone, Tibetan silver and copper in the Tibetan area. The worship of the interpretation of the "six-word mantra" and firmly believe that Tibetan ornaments can bring him peace, let him think pure and close to the snow-capped mountains.

Tibetan ornaments. Infiltrate the ancient and mysterious Tibetan culture. Tibet is a region where Buddhism prevails, a quaint symbol that can make people full of delusional space. Men, women and children all love to dress up with Tibetan ornaments. Here, jewelry is no longer a simple decoration, it has become a part of Tibetan life. Whether it is daily life, festivals or worship, the Tibetans will be fully armed and calm, far from the restraint and creation. Carefully selected gems and exquisite carvings hide the highest realms of snow-covered plateau craftsmanship, each of which is the pride of Tibetan artists. Through that characteristic and exquisite carving, can you also feel the Tibetan's natural simplicity and outstanding self-personality. In fact, the land is not far away from me, the true distant feeling. It is not important to step on the land itself. Is it important that you can find the pure land of the soul and Tibet in your heart?

Tibetan culture has a rich cultural atmosphere. Not only can you impress your eyes, the style of heroic. You can also hit your heart. In this world of resilience, the mystery of Tibetan ornaments and a little romantic mood are more exciting and fascinating. You are a normal dress, with accessories with ethnic characteristics, you can also make you more exciting in the ordinary. The magical charm has conquered the hearts of the people. The colorful colors and boldness of Tibetan ornaments are especially suitable for casual and simple casual wear. Tibetan ornaments are not expensive, and you can have a bracelet or a piece of jewelry for dozens of dollars, so that your purchase desire is greatly expanded.

I have always remembered this sentence: the nationality is the world's minority jewelry has increasingly become the mainstream of urban fashion. Inadvertently, I can see the neck, wrist, and women wearing ethnic ornaments on the chest, walking on the streets. It is full of national characteristics. Among them, Tibetan ornaments have won the love of the people with her simple, rough and mysterious colors, and Tibetan style costumes have become the fashion pursued by people. In addition to clothing and shoes, Tibetan costume art is also rich in variety and characteristics. The ground adds a dazzling brilliance to the traditional costume culture.

Multicolored Tibetan ornaments. The same can be felt under the simple and pure appearance, becoming the carrier for people to express their individuality and express their strongest feelings. Even if it is not from the design master's handwriting. The conveyed personality and wild beauty, and the broader symbolic meaning - the return of life to the true, the self-confidence of individuality, the liberation of the soul. Since each piece of Tibetan ornaments is deeply impressed, and the same type of Tibetan ornaments are different in style and meaning, it is necessary to ask questions when purchasing. It should not only focus on its decorativeity, but ignore whether its meaning fits itself. Hope.

The materials of Tibetan ornaments are mostly coral, agate, yak bone, garnet, Tibetan silver, and tri-color copper. The yak bone has a theory of evil spirits. Made into a necklace or bracelet, printed and dyed into a variety of colors. Very personal. Garnet has the function of regulating the secretion of human body. It is similar to the seeds of pomegranate and is used as a bracelet or earring. The color is gorgeous and attractive. These Tibetan ornaments look rough and hand-made, but they are all natural ornaments, which can give people a strong sense of the local flavor, but also can strongly feel the magical charm of Tibet.

The most precious of all Tibetan ornaments is the Dzi Bead. There are many sayings in the Tibetan language called "嘶". In the legendary story of Tibet, it is believed that it has become a precious species because it has not been known from its source. According to the number of eyes on the body, Dzi Beads can be divided into "Nine Eyes Dzi Beads" and two eyes of Dzi Beads "Mono Dzi Beads" and so on. Historians believe that it was introduced into the artificial ornaments of Tibet from Persia. Among them, "Nine Eyes Dzi Beads" are the most precious.

Like a dZi bracelet. Bring it with dazzling eyes. Then there is the beautiful meaning of the Dzi Beads. The first is the pure red rope. Once people have it, it is the beginning of infinite happiness. Legends can be unbelief, however, the kind of color that seems to be with deep wisdom, the classic match of red and black, is enough to make people love it. This is full of mysterious and divine bracelets, which can create endless thoughts.

In Tibetan culture. It’s more appropriate to wear four characters. Whether it is daily life, festivals or worship, especially for women. People will fully arm all kinds of decorations: bazhu, scorpion, hairpin, bone ring, jade, hairpin; silver earrings; all kinds of earrings; necklaces, beadwork, enamel, etc. Body care accessories; waist belt pattern belt, metal belt, hanging fire box, waist bag, milk hook, Tibetan knife, waist buckle, snuff bottle, sea shell, small bell and many other beautiful accessories; All kinds of ring bracelets; enamel multicolored sashes and various gold and silver jewels.

Tibet. Earrings are one of the most important ones, and men wear a lot of accessories. In the Tibetan language, it is called "Zander". Most of the "snakes" are made of turquoise. They are usually made up of more than 10 cm long strips, which are chained in gold. In general, people who wear such accessories pay special attention to food hygiene, and generally wear knife and chopsticks sets and sachets around their waists. The sachet-like purse worn at the waist is used to put the bowls out of the table and only use the utensils that you carry. There are also some accessories on the hat, except for the red enamel in the hat, and the sable made of gold."

Every jewelry store in Tibet. Especially for the selection and production of gold and silver jewelry is quite unique. For decorative jewellery and pendants, you can always buy beautiful accessories from the snowy plateau. These jewelry pendants are hand-crafted by Tibetan folk craftsmen. The Tibetans are very interested in their artistic and cultural nature, and they are very good at transforming the animals, plants and ideal mascots in life into patterns in jewelry.

With the development of society. And the religious conception that the Tibetan people gave to the jewelry pendant. The number “Nine”, which is respected by Tibetan Buddhism, has become the most auspicious number of jewelry patterns. Tibetans' preference for turquoise and its wide application, some patterns have become the symbol of all levels of society and occupation. The more prominent religious culture gives a strong influence on the pattern. Not only because of its beauty, it is said to be the gift of God. Some Tibetan ornaments have become the treasures of people's collections because of their magnetic therapy and different interpretations and functions.


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