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Top elite gathered duel

After the tempered, maturity of the beautiful world, "successful boss Cup 7th Fashion Show Contest" to "U + design, meet the future," as the theme, from the Shenzhen City, the beautiful dress Co., Ltd. launched by the Shenzhen garment entrepreneurs exchange platform Co-organized by Beijing Shengshi Carnival International Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Since 2010, Shenzhen Beauty Beauty Fashion Co., Ltd. has successfully held the "Successful Boss" Cup Fashion Show Contest 6 times and will promote the culture of "Successful Boss" Exchange, inspire designer creativity, enhance the brand influence in the apparel industry, the formation of Shenzhen clothing brand strength, as their own mission.

At the scene, each fashion show not only shows the design concepts and works of different brands, and comprehensively interprets the brand DNA, but also obtains audiences and judges with a large design lineup, innovative ideas and colorful visual feast Always recognized and praised.

Fashion brands participating in the event In addition to the beautiful world's brands, there are Fiyonde, JUMEL, Langzi, sowing and many other well-known brands, participating brands a strong lineup, this time show fashion showdown, can be described as the north and south fashion brands gathered.

Fiyonde, a variety of style taste, interpretation of the wonderful life of the city's women; JUMEL, introverted and peaceful design, embarked on a timeless and elegant dream; Langzi, with simple design charm and delicate craftsmanship, illustrates the elegant and Fashion collision with the new style; broadcast, the perfect combination of Eastern and Western elements, reflects the coexistence of modern women's elegant temperament. These fashion, fashion, warmth, intellectual, elegant and other styles of clothing, gathered in the "successful boss cup" fashion show competition T stage, to fully display each audience, will belong to the unique brand Glamor played incisively and vividly, won the jury's approval and wonderful comments, but also received the presence of audience rave reviews.


Cutting-edge strength Qingqing help out

In addition to participating in more than a dozen pioneer fashion brands, the highlight of this contest is inviting cutting-edge design strength at the scene Qingqing their arrival brings a fantastic creative energy for the fashion show scene.

In the invited performance session, cutting-edge designer Feng Huan, Prince France night designer, cicada chief designer Guo Lisha, three highly sought-after cutting-edge designers debut. Unlike the conceptualized works by many cutting-edge designers, Feng Huan's work is more garments in design, simple style, casual, ordinary, and ingenious details. The style of Princes Night's work is concise and elegant, natural and comfortable, and emphasizes the structural changes of the profile in design. Designer Guo Liza brought her casual, comfortable minimalist claims, the use of design language to express the understanding of nature.

The Shenzhen designer brand odbo demonstrated its unique black and white, mix and match, neutral style, from Shenzhen University graduate students are even more ed hardy, showing the pioneering power of cutting-edge design. In the "successful boss cup" fashion show contest platform, the Chinese local apparel brand interaction here, learning, Chinese designers here indulge in creativity and continue to grow. The previous "successful boss Cup" fashion show competition, professional judges and wonderful comments to the public left a deep impression. The seventh contest is the gathering of top professional judges, not only from the international fashion design, domestic fashion media professionals, but also from design education and retail department stores authority.

Mr. Jean-Michel Glasman, President of French Designers Association, Mr. Fei Zhiyuan, editor in chief of Life Style magazine, Mr. Li Mengxia, editor in chief of National City Edition of Weekend Poster, teacher Lv Yue from Design School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Ms. Ma Shumin, Deputy General Manager of Shopping Mall, Mr. Zhao Yingming, Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Wangfujing Department Stores Co., Ltd., and other industry leaders from all walks of life made professional and fair comments for the entries of the "Successful Baker Cup" fashion show contest Comments. Their arrival brings a professionalism upgrade to the fashion show competition, and their on-site reviews give pointers to designers.

At the site of the assessment, Mr. Jean Michel Glasman said that every piece of clothing participating in this competition is very hard-working, to convey to the audience the designer's wisdom and different brands of style, or beautiful, or fantastic, and Paris, France , Milan, Italy's international fashion compared favorably.


Review growth to meet the future

Although many excellent local Chinese fashion brands are not even inferior to international famous brands in terms of their craftsmanship and design, Paris, Milan, New York and London, the four major fashion capitals, are all aspiring to the fashion industry. However, The stage is not for every brand to have the opportunity and the ability to show off. The beautiful world is to create belongs to the Chinese fashion industry's own exchange, display platform, belongs to the Chinese fashion brand and Chinese designer "Paris Fashion Week." With the tireless efforts of its founder, Mr. Li Keqian, Chairman of Grace World, there is now the 7th Successful World Cup Fashion Show Contest Presented in the Industry.

Recalling the beginning of early 2010, the beautiful world dominate the ranks, Yong forefront, insisted on the pursuit of dreams, so that China also has its own fashion show feast. After seven transformation and growth, has become a well-established fashion show platform, gathered a dozen fashion pioneer brand scene PK, Ambilight. From scratch, from small to large, the seven contest held once again unite the beautiful world's painstaking efforts and silently stick.

The debut of the first Successful Baker Cup won the industry's approval with a unique concept, trendy costumes, and beautiful dancing. This made Mr. Li Kexun very surprised. "I did not expect such a success and complete Out of my expectation. "

If the first "successful cup" fashion show is only for Chinese designers to showcase talent and work platform for a trial, then the second session of the smooth make it in the industry caused no small waves. The second contest to the pursuit of creativity, personality, temperament and other elements of the times as a breakthrough point, showing a magic feast, showing the "successful boss Cup" thriving. The third session, on the basis of reducing the taste of the event, added a heart-touching move to highlight the different pursuits pursued by women in the era. The passionate fourth "Successful Baker Cup" infiltrated the enthusiasm for the arts and demonstrated its splendor Their own unique charm, while the fashion media to join even added a glory and the times of the testimony; and only show the beauty of fashion and charm of the flowers in the fifth fashion show slowly bloom, the beautiful model sway Smart lines to write a beautiful piece of music movement, thunderous applause; and the sixth "successful boss Cup" is held in the previous five experiences and accumulated more accumulated experience, by people from all walks of life The widespread concern.

The colorful contest of the 7th "Successful Baker Cup" fashion show has come to a successful conclusion. However, it has given us endless fantasies about the bright future of the Chinese local fashion brand, lingering in everyone's hearts and can not be dispersed for a long time.

As the beautiful world advocated: "We have always believed that everyone has a beautiful heart in my heart." We have always believed that every fashion heart has a most beautiful future of their own. Whether it is honored brand, or brand pass, each brand has a unique charm, intentions management, at the right time, in the right place, for the perfect clothing to meet the most attractive and graceful scenery.

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