Ding Hao: How to achieve a leapfrog development in the Omega fashion?

The face of this unusual summer in 2013, Guangdong children's wear business has been relatively strong spring and summer products, but also suffered a series of agents Yahuo a lot of problems, many agents complained that the terminal called "the weather is not good, the following Customers are not on the goods, ah, "" We are still hot yesterday, today under heavy rain, but also wear a jacket, so repeatedly, there is no business ah. " In the face of these problems, as the head of Dongguan Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. Marketing Ding Hao immediately recruited management meeting to study and formulate a solution to the problem, in order to quickly make the terminal sales up, the agent warehouse goods only to the terminal, Have the opportunity to meet with consumers, and ultimately to be sold out, with this idea later, the company introduced the following night programs: First, the country more than 100 terminal distributors VIP members collected all the information reported to the company, the development of "Omega VIP members summer new special reward program "by the head office to arrange marketing professionals call, SMS notification to each VIP member, to the local shop to participate in activities and follow-up VIP members of the proportion of participants throughout the follow-up to the number of non-participation , To achieve point-to-point sales; Second, to start cross-regional exchange of goods to achieve regional sales of unsalable goods across the region; Third, the market in Sichuan, Shenyang, Henan, Hunan, Hainan, Guangdong six major markets to start large-scale promotional activities to quickly digest inventory; On the second day of the program to the agent's terminal business desk, in the whole State agents with the full cooperation, a week's time to complete the previous month's sales, effectively alleviate the agents, terminal operators troubles, Hunan, Miss Liu, a special agent called and said that there is such a strong company support, We are no longer afraid of the order of goods sold endless, mention endless, manufacturers are not happy, we also earn money, in fact, Dingjing Li know, really help us not these programs, but my execution, a lot of sales methods We all know that nothing was done and no attempt was made to prove that "we know we have no strength, we believe and do what we can." Since its establishment in 2012, the Omega brand has set up a provincial distribution network in major markets such as Sichuan, Henan, Hunan, Hubei and Shenyang in a year's time. The next step will be to build a model market and achieve a leap-forward development of.


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