ABBACINO 2013 China Brand Conference was a success

At 21:00 on May 21st, the exhibition hall of Guangzhou TIT Creative Park, with the sound of waves from the Mediterranean, under the spotlight, tall models came. Abbacino with her unique bright colors, for all the guests brought a romantic Mediterranean style. Rippling from the rippling waves of the waves to mythical fantasies of Medusa; from the glitz of the coral reefs on the ocean floor and the seagrass of the seagrass to the "sunshine" and the petals of waves by the waves. Numerous romantic, cool with that numerous colors also surging together, Qin Qin heart. abbacino2013 Spring and summer products uphold the consistent design style, light and practical. Brilliant and noble colors are more vivid in the light, abbacino2013 autumn and winter models to indoor garden image for all guests deduced a purely from nature's most pure atmosphere. This season's style of the atmosphere and elegant, stylish and not lack of personality, colorful but highlight the temperament.

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