Finiti "Love Summer" the second quarter of new single product: urban walking & summer beach

There is a dream hidden in some distant place in the heart, perhaps without beautiful scenery, no wealth to show off, of course, we do not need to care. Go, look for, because there, there is a most real self ... ... Recommended Fini Di love summer second season new product: urban walking & summer beach.

菲妮迪 - FINITY

Elegant chick neckline stitching color silk fabric, different gloss fusion, highlighting the elegance of the shoulder ancient silver metal badges decorated quite uniform style, and soft knit fabric contrast, handsome, multi-faceted crystal buttons Fashion sense of a sudden increase.


The internal mosaic spring chiffon material, so that the style of rich layers, bud shape of the two-piece splicing sleeves, unique design, full of feminine charm fully embodied, decorated with silver buttons at the front of the placket for the fashion to add fashion highlights.

Aquaculture Net

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